Private Mortgages Fast & Easy!
We Are 100% Broker Focused


Secured, Short-Term Investments
Reflecy Yields up to 15%


Turned Down By Your Bank or Broker?
Equity 1st or 2nd Mortgages up To 80%



Real estate is one of the safest investments that can one can make, and private mortgages are one of the most opportunistic investments within this industry. At Canadian Mortgages Inc. we are dedicated to the private mortgage business. We offer these private mortgage loans to our own customers, we offer investors a great opportunity to become part of the private lending industry, and we work extensively with mortgage brokers who are searching for quick and easy private mortgages for their clients.


Based out of Ontario, CMI is committed to helping investors get the best returns on a portfolio of mortgages secured primarily by residential properties throughout the province, as well as in different major urban centres throughout Canada. Through first and second mortgages those who invest through us will see returns on first and second mortgages, with actual property being used as collateral and so, with little risk to them.


Being intertwined in the private mortgage industry throughout, we also work with mortgage brokers who are searching for private mortgage lenders for their own clients. Private mortgages are often just the answer for those searching for their own residential property, but they can sometimes be hard to find. At CMI, we’re mortgage brokers ourselves and we know the challenges involved with these loans. We make it easy for brokers to get their clients the private mortgage they need, quickly and easily and with no hassle or long wait times for either party.


And for those that are just looking for a private mortgage for themselves, we can do that too. We’ve been involved in the private lending business for over 30 years, and we have always been able to get our customers the best private mortgage for their situation. We’re dedicated to the same great service today, and want to make sure that everyone’s private mortgage needs are taken care of.


Whatever your interests are in private mortgage lending, give us a call today and find out why the CMI way is the only way.

Who is CMI?

CMI is an Ontario based private mortgage lender. We fund first and second mortgages on residential properties located in major urban centres across the province. Founded by brokers, for brokers, CMI’s goal is to provide fast & efficient service to the wholesale mortgage brokerage community for tough to fund mortgages.
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Why use CMI?

Over the past five years, many subprime and private mortgage lenders have come and gone, with only a few still remaining. The consolidation in the industry has often led to overworked underwriting teams and slow if not sloppy mortgage funding.
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What makes CMI special?

CMI offers a number of unique services that help you to convert on a much higher percentage of your applications:

  • Simple & Predictable Service
  • Standardized Funding Programs
  • Approvals Within 60 minutes, 24/7*
  • No Job Letters or Pay Stubs Required

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